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Why should you be concerned about our mission?

So many of us are in the dark about the goings on in our political system which has been currupted by a powerful force which is hell bent on total control of our freedom and rights..

The majority of the Christian Communities seem oblivious to the seriousness of the times. Our Mission is to stress the importance of these communities to set aside their differences and come together to build a powerful influence on people in these last days. This time is very important and calls for an awakening and quickening in Christian people.
A serious issue needs to be confronted and spread about what is taking place in the political arena and how it effects our very survival as peoples, nations, religions and existence! Although the bible states that all these things must take place before the end of this system of things, it also calls for an obligation on the part of christians to stand up for their beliefs and minister to those in need. And many do not know the seriousness and critical instability of whats taking place in our governments of the world nor are they able link it to biblical prophecy. The time to commit to the Lord is now! The time to preach the gospel like there is no tomorrow is now! The time to warn people of the last days is now!

Now more than ever before the need to spread the truth about the coming of the Lord and the events leading up to his return are urgent and critical for the salvation of many that our lost in this system of things not knowing that there is anything to fear!

It is the christian's responsibility as a servant of the Lord to do just that! God has given you a very important job with very important goals that need to be obtained in these last days. It would be unwise to sit idly by and watch all things take place without trying to do your part to minister to as many as you can about the lord and what is about to befall each and every man on earth.

Our mission is to bring each of you a better understanding of what is taking place in the political societies and to provide an understanding of how this ties to biblical prophecy. It is important that each christian be equipped with this knowledge and the wisdom to use that knowledge as a tool to enlighten others of the importance of their need for God's protection as these biblical propechies unfold..

We are dealing with a very powerful and evil force and we will face certain opposition from the enemy in a way unparalleled to any other time in the history of christianity since christ's crucifiction and for this reason it is of vital importance to shield ourselves and others with the power of knowledge, courage and wisdom during the great battle about to take place between good and evil!

Now that you understand our mission, we call on you to join us in our efforts to equip God's people with the knowledge and wisdom that leads to salvation!! Now is the time for Protestants, Methodists, Episcapalians, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Pentecostals, etc.. to set aside their differences and serve the Lord in a way that is critical and urgently needed.. To study God's word and test everything you have been taught to see if the bible is really telling you to believe this or that doctrine. If you love the Lord, accept Jesus Christ as your only means of salvation & love your brother as yourself and have a strong desire to serve him exactly as the bible tells us to you should be more than equipped to set aside your petty differences which seperate you as christians and weaken your position as a powerful force against the evil that we are up against! You must also be willing to let go of unbiblical doctrine that is acting as a force against you. The devil and his army of political powers have constructed a plan to take over the world as we know it by setting aside their petty differences in order to build a governmental power that will infiltrate and take over the entire planet. Although this power is evil, they have adopted the wisdom and knowledge that christains have forsaken and that is POWER IN NUMBERS!! And that power is hellbent on distroying christianity.

I will close this mission statement with a word of advice. If you dont feel that we are that close to the end and decide not to join our intranet, then at least familiarize yourself with the last book of the bible (Revelations) and stay informed about the news in your nation and community to at least protect yourself against the element of surprise...

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